The Fine Art of Travelling Collection

The Fine Art of Travelling Collection is a site published by Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle to display his personal collection of travel ephemera.


The site is hosted by O2Switch, 222-224 boulevard Gustave Flaubert in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Tel: + 33 4 44 44 60 40.


The site is not using cookies outside the ones of Google Analytics only for anonymous audience measurement.

Privacy & personal data

The site collects personal data for two generic cases:
– Mail & name via the contact form in order to allow the site publisher to answer. These information are not shared with third parties.
– Mail & name in the case a visitor wants to let a comment on an article. The comment will be moderated by the editorial team.

Intellectual property

The content of this website remains the property of the editor of the site and may not be copied or reproduced without prior consent. On the other hand, the copyrights of the design of these travel ephemera still belong to their respective owner.


This site is powered by WordPress associated to the Divi Extra Theme.
The typeface used for the logotype and the main titles is Cassanet, a titling font based on the style of lettering seen on Cassandre posters (it reminds a bit the capital letters of Cassandre’s font Peignot).
The ship used for the logotype is coming from a luggage label for the shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd.


For any questions related to these previous topics, please use the contact form of the site.