Cairo Continental Savoy

Quick history of the Continental Savoy

Built in 1860 as part of the government’s modernization efforts, the Grand Continental Savoy Hotel overlooks Opera Square and Azbakiya Botanical Garden.
The palace was once the city’s top hotel, rivalling Shepheard’s just up the street and boasting the finest restaurant in colonial Cairo. It opened in 1869, and was soon a favourite among visiting VIPs including Lawrence of Arabia, Lord Carnarvon or Henry Morton Stanley.

The hotel closed in the 1980s, and is now largely disused, its grand halls empty and neglected, inaccessible to the public and largely derelict. Much of the building is in danger of collapse. Its future remains uncertain, but it would need a huge amount of rebuilding to ever open again as a hotel.

About this Continental Savoy label

10,8 x 14,5 cm grey on dark label.

Keywords: 1920s | Cairo | Hotel | Label

Title: “The ContinentalSavoy Hotel”

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Ref / Date: TLH-EG-1920s-A / 2012