Egypt and the Sudan

A trip to Egypt and the Sudan

”Magic words, spelling sun and deserts, Nile and star-lit nights and the ruined glories of ten thousand years. For a space the tempo of our harassed life is slowed: we take a breath and in the brief respite find health and peace of mind.”

Travel to Egypt

Egypt’s glorious sunshine

”Winter in Egypt… leave England’s less attractive moods this winter and pay your tribute to the warmth of Egypt’s welcome. Tour at your leisure through this historic land of the Pharaohs. Refresh your Western outlook with the pageantry of by-gone colourful kingdoms. Participate in the social amenities of a Cairo seaon at its height. Immerse your very being in the glamour of sun-drenched days and star-dusted nights. Let both body and mind expand under the spell of Egypt’s magic mystery. Have a holiday that will separate you from the mundane routine and lift you on to the highest pinnacle of unfettered freedom… Winter in Egypt.”

WInter in Egypt

 About this egyptian touristic brochure

This bilingual brochure for promoting the tourism in Egypt and Sudan was published by the Tourist Development Association of Egypt (Cairo Station) in the years 1930s. Illustrated by 44 pages of B&W pictures.

Keywords: 1930s | Brochure

Title: “Egypt and the Sudan”

Creator: Illustration by Ellis Silas

Published : The Tourist Development Association of Egypt, Cairo / The Classic Colour Press, Reading, England

Language: English & French

Ref / Date: TE-E-1930s-A / 2014