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Madras & Mahabalipuram

Vintage foldout travel brochure of Madras (today Chennai) and the famous temples of Mahabalipuram, India includes 10 narrow pages total. Undated, but published around 1950.

Hakone Hotel

Label of the Hakone resort Hotel, also known as the Fujiya Hotel Lake View Annex near Tokyo.


Vintage foldout travel brochure for Tashkent, Uzbzekistan, published by Intourist that offers you: “varied and fascinating itineraries by rail and plane cruises on modern steamers (…) in the country’s (USSR) beauty spots.”

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Sitmar Mediterranean sea circular travel

This 20 pages document is introducing the circular lines of the Sitmar company in Easstern Mediterranean sea. The brochure is illustrated with what seems to be a view of Baalbek (to be confirmed) and a view of a non identified castle.

Damas-Hama railroad

Travel brochure illustrated with the columns of the Jupiter temple in Baalbek and the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Damascus.

Collection Loubet del Bayle

Collection Loubet del Bayle

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