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In 1946, the year Tata Airlines was renamed Air India, the commercial director of the new company commissionned the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency and the designer Umesh Rao, the creation of what will become the iconic Maharajah mascot in reference to the reputation of India to be the “Land of the Maharajahs”.
For the next few years, the Maharajah was ingeniously used by India’s national airline to introduce new flight routes, an very efficient way for Air India to to promote its services with humour and panache.

“Serves you right!
Maharajah Service, from the time you step foot in an Air-India office to the time you leave the airport of your destination.”




Air India 1969 World Map

About this timetable of Air India

This 28 pages brochure (18,4 x 24 cm) of Air India displays the international flight schedule of the period April/June 1969. Illustrated by a woman playing serenade to the Maharajah.

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Title: “Air India Flugtplan 1969”

Creator: N/A

Published : Tata Press, Bombay, India, 1969

Language: German

Ref / Date: AI-T-1969.A / 2011