Wengernealp Jungfrau Railway

finterlaken and the Jungrau

“On arriving at the far-famed health resort of Interlaken, every eye is irresistibly drawn to the glorious summit of the Jungfrau, 13670 ft high which can easily and speedily be reached without risks of any kind as shown by the following itinerary:

From Interlaeken the forked line of the Bernese Oberland Railways runs to Lauterbrunnen on the one side, and to Grindelwald on the other.

The Wengernalp Railways runs from Lauterbrunnen over the Little Scheidegg (6770 ft) to Grindelwald, thus connecting the two above mentioned stations. The Little Scheidegg is the starting-point of the Jungfrau Railwa, a marvel of modern engineering skill whose terminus Jungfraujoch (11385 ft) lies in the very midst of the most magnificient alpine scenery.”.

Wengernealp Jungfrau Panorama
Wengernealp Jungfrau Interlaken Railway Map

About this Bernese Oberland Railways brochure

This is an attractive advertising leaflet for the Wengernalp and Jungfrau Railway in Switzerland. There is no date, but should be published ca 1920. Lovely artist drawn image on front and rear covers of leaflet and artist drawn panoramas of the route of the railway and the Jungfraujoch Plateau on the inside. No artist name credited. The leaflet measures 11.3cm x 18.8cm when folded and opens out to six panels wide.

Keywords: 1920s | Alps | Brochure | Map | Railways

Title: “Wengernalp Jungfrau-Railway”

Creator: N/A

Published : Imprimerie Wolfsberg, Zurich, ca 1920s

Language: English

Ref / Date: TE-S-B-1920s-A / 2012