Chemin de fer Saint-Gall Appenzell

History of a small swiss railway

The former St. Gallen-Gais-Appenzell-Altstätten-Bahn opened the line from St. Gallen to Gais, popularly known as the Gaiserbahn, on 1 October 1889. The continuation from Gais to Appenzell followed on 1 July 1904.
The line was electrified in January 1931 and the company was renamed to St. Gallen-Gais-Appenzell-Bahn (SGA).

Chemin de fer Saint-Gall Appenzell Map

About this railway brochure

Adertising leaflet for the St-Gall-Gais-Appenzell railways in Switzerland. There is no date, but should be published ca 1931, date of the electrification of the line. 2 illustrations on front and rear covers of the leaflet and drawn panoramas of the route of the railway inside. No artist name credited. The leaflet measures 10.4cm x 19cm when folded and opens out to six panels wide.

Keywords: 1931 | Alps | Brochure | Map

Title: “Chemin de fer électrique St-Gall-Gais-Appenzell”

Creator: N/A

Published : Art Institut Orell Füssli Zürich 1931

Language: French

Ref / Date: TE-S-B-1931-A / 2012