Hôtel Richemond, Genève

Hotel richemond

Located in the center of Geneva, the Hotel Richemond has a stunning views on the Alps and the Lake Geneva. This is this view that can be seen on the hotel label with in the foreground the neogothic style Brunswick monument in the Square des Alpes and in the background the famous water jet of Geneva, the lake Léman, the old city, the cathedral and the Alps in the background.

Renamed Le Richemond, the Hotel Richemond opened in 1863 and owned for a long time by the Armleder family. In 2004, the hotel was purchased by Rocco Forte Hotels and is now part of the Dorchester Collection. With its 5 stars, it is one of the most prestigious hotels in Geneva.

Hôtel de la Paix,Genève

Hotel de la Paix

Established in 1865, the Grand Hôtel de la Paix was designed by the Swiss architect Jean-Marie Gignoux in an Italian style. Some key dates in the history of the 5 stars hotel now belonging to the Ritz-Carlton Group (Marriott Group):

  • 7 september 1872: banquet to celebrate the end of the War of Secession
  • 1954: cocktail organized by the Vietnamese delegation to celebrate the end of the Indochina war.
Hôtel les Bergues, Geneva

Hotel des Bergues

The neoclassical style façade and the gorgeous decor of the Hôtel des Bergues are taking their roots in a history that dates back to 1834. Ideally located on the shore of the Léman Lake, with a beautiful view on the Alps mountain, the hotel was at that time the most important palace of Switzerland. It belongs today to the Four Seaons hotels group.

About this Hôtel Richemont label (Main)

Illustrated by a view of the Brunswick in the forground, and, beyond the Lac Léman and the Jet d’Eau, the city of Geneva in the background

Title: “Hôtel Richemond, Genève”

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Ref / Date: TLH-S-?-A / 2012

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About this Hôtel de la Paix label (Left)

The Jet d’Eau fountain, on the right and on the left the façade of the Hôtel de la Paix and the Brunswick monument.

Title: “Genève, Hôtel de la Paix”

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About this Hôtel des Bergues label (Right)

A silhouette of the city of Geneva between the lake and the Alps mountains.

Title: “Les Bergues, Genève”

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