Banaras, India

Banaras, the sacred city of India

“Picturesquely situated on the left bank of the sacred river Ganga, Banaras is reputed to be the oldest city in India. Living repository of the Hindu faith, this ancient city attracts every year millions of pilgrims from every part of India. Banara’s vivid colour is derived from her bathing ghats and water festivals.”

Banaras Ghat, India
Banaras Streets
The Ganges at Banaras, India

About this touristic brochure promoting Banaras

is 8 pages folded brochure (10 x 22,5 cm) published by the Indian Governement is introducing to world tourist the historical city of Banaras.

Keywords: 1957 | Banaras | Brochure

Title: “Banaras, India”

Creator: The Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity

Published : The Eagle Lithographing Co, Calcutta, 1957

Language: English

Ref / Date: TE-I-1957-A / 2010