Pylos Greece

alias Navarino or Port-de-Jonc

Pylos historically also known as Navarino (in Italian) or as known Port-de-Jonc (in French), is a town in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece.
The city is famous for being the place of the Battle of Navarino on 20 October 1827, during the Greek War of Independence (1821–32). Allied forces from Britain, France, and Russia decisively defeated Ottoman and Egyptian forces.

About this leaflet on Pylos

This 6 pages folded leaflet (10 x 21,8 cm) is a touristic brochure published by the Greek National Tourism Organisation to promote the ancient harbor of Pylos.

Keywords: 1959 | Brochure | Map

Title: “Pylos, Grèce”

Creator: N/A

Published : Erginos-Matsoukis, Greece, 1959

Language: French

Ref / Date: TE-G-1959-D / 2020