Bombay (Mumbai), India

Bombay, economic capital of India

“Arriving by sea or air you will be struck by Bombay’s [now Mumbai] lovely natural settings – the far away blue outlines of the majestic western ghats, the calm sea, dotted with fishing boats gliding smoothly under white sails, the palm fringed beaches (…) The Gateway of India as the entrance to the harbor is known as the most familiar landmark in the city. The massive edifice situated on the Apollo Bunder serves as a place of reception on important ceremonial occasions.”

City Map of Bombay (Mumbai)

About this touristic brochure promoting Bombay

Vintage foldout travel brochure for Bombay, India includes 10 narrow pages total; front, back and 2 page-map are done in color. Remaining pages features black-and-white photos and text against yellow background. Undated, but published after 1952.

Keywords: 1950s | Bombay | Brochure | Map

Title: “Bombay, India”

Creator: The Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity

Published : The Eagle Lithographing Co, Calcutta, 1950s

Language: English

Ref / Date: TE-I-1950s-A / 2011