Sitmar Mediterrranean Sea

sitmar: a mysterious Italian cruise lines

The Sitmar company names is derived from the acronym for the Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi ie. Italian Maritime Transport Company. (English: Italian Maritime Transport Company) established in… 1937 by a Russian émigré Alexandre Vlasov. According Wikipedia. But the company must be older that that as the brochure presented here dates back of 1929.

About this cruise vintage brochure

This 20 pages folded in 2  document (12,8 x 23 cm) is introducing the circular lines of the Sitmar company in Easstern Mediterranean sea. The brochure is illustrated with what seems to be a view of Baalbek (to be confirmed) and a view of a non identified castle.

Keywords: 1929 | Brochure | Shipping

Title: “Voyages circulaires dans la Méditerranée / Sitmar”

Creator: G. Malugani

Published : Editions Sitmar, 11/1929

Language: French

Ref / Date: TE-CM-1929-A / ?