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Invitation to Canada

“You can renew your zest for living… receapture some of the old fire… by turning the key in the office door for a few weeks this year and coming up to Canada for that holiday that you owe yourself. Things are at their best this year in Canada, and you can have a real vacation. Perhaps you will want to limber up on a golf course, or swim or splash in the lakes, or just collect a great coat of tan. Just name your favorite recreation, you’ll find it here. We think there is not vacation land like ours. The more you have travelled, the better you will like Canada. Come along and bring the family. Next winter you’ll be glad to say: ‘Good-bye, desk, I’m going North’.”

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The last frontier of Canada

“Nature and destiny… four centuries ago… joined forces to make Canada, as it is today, the ideal vacation land for all of North America. (…) Spreadeagling, the vast witdh of Canada are the common lands; the National and Provincial parks, the meadows and streams and mountain valleys set aside in their simple grandeur for you and me to enjoy, be we natives or visitors from the world’s far acres.”

Map of Canada

About this Touristic brochure on Canada

Brochure published by the Travel Bureau of Canada and sponsored by the Canadian Pacific Railways. 28 pages + 14 pages leaflet with practical information. 20,6 x 28 cm.

Title: “Canada, your friendly neighbor invites you”

Creator: Cover illustrations by Jack Bush

Published : Canadian Travel Bureau, Ottawa, Canada, 1936

Language: English

Ref / Date: TE-C-1936-A / 2012