Schwangau Hohenschwangau Bavaria

the dream of King Louis II of Bavaria

Hohenschwangau is a village which is part of the municipality of Schwangau in southwest Bavaria, Germany, close to the Alps mountains. It is a famous touristic place for its two castles built by Ludwig II of Bavaria in then end of the XIXth century, Schloss Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. This latter is well known universally as it was the inspiration of Walt Disney for his Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Schwangau Hohenschwangau Area Map

About this Hohenschwantein brochure

The illustration and the map of this 20 x 21 cm brochure on Hoheschwanstein were designed by the Austrian artist Hans Oberbacher. Born in Tyrol, he’s known for his relief-like maps of the Alps from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Itay.

Keywords: 1961 | Bavaria | Brochure | Map

Title: “Schwangau – Hohenschwangau, Bayr.Königsschlösser”

Creator: Cover and map designed and signed by Hans Oberbacher

Published : Verkehrsamt der Gemeinde Schwangau/Allgaü, 1961

Language: German

Ref / Date: TE-AU-1961-A / 2013