Salzburg Mozartstadt

Salzburg & Mozart

Salzburg, famous for its attractive scenic Alpine backdrop, is a city in Austria (the fourth-largest after Vienna, Graz and Linz) close to the German border. Its “Old Town” (“Altstadt”) is internationnaly known for its baroque architecture which makes Salzburg on the the best-preserved city centers in the German speaking world. This historica centre is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage. Salzburg is also known as Mozart’s birthplace and for its classical music festival. The name of Salzburg comes from the world “Salz” which means “salt” in German.

Salzburg Fountains
Salzburg Fountains
Salzburg Mozartstadt

About this German brochure of Salzburg

This 12 pages brochure (20 x 21 cm) about Salzburg, was printed in “Germany” in 1939… at a date where Austria was incorporated in the German territory (following the Anschluß in 1938). The brochure was designed by Berann in Innsbruck and includes a panorama map of the Salzburg area. The internal pages proposes beautiful illustrations of some major Salzburg’s touristic spot including the Mirabell Garden.

Keywords: 1939 | Alps | Berann | Brochure | Salzburg

Title: “Salzburg die Mozartstadt, Deutschland”

Creator: Cover & illustrations signed Berann, Innsbruck

Published : NS Gauverlag und Druckerei, Tirol, Innsbruck, 1939

Language: German

Ref / Date: TE-AU-1939-A / 2013