Innsbruck Tyrol

Capital of Tyrol

Innsbruck is the capital city of the province of Tyrol in Austria.

The following comment in English was added in this multilingual brochure: “With magnetic force, the ‘old town’ section draws and enthrals every visitor by the sheer beauty within its walls. In this tranquil island of the Middle Ages, everyone feels as though rejuvenated, and experiences a deep joy when looking at what emperors, nobles and citizens created and have left to posterity. Under the charm of these ancient buildings, past and present merge into one another in Innsbruck’s unspoiled ‘old town’ and one is joyously aware that here time does not exist; here time stands still, so long as one can revere and enjoy.”

About this Innsbruck brochure

This 8 pages brochure (21 x 20 cm) brochure was printed in 1958 in Austria and designed by the Workshop of Heinrich Caesar Berann (1915-1999). The cover as described on the site of Antikbar: Colourful design featuring a stylised depiction of people and trees outside the city’s main historical monuments and landmarks, including the tower of the Stift Wilten Church and Abbey, the golden roof Goldenes Dachl in the Old Town and the domes and bell towers of Innsbruck Cathedral inside an idyllic valley view with cars crossing the bridge over the Inn River in the foreground and the majestic snow peaks of the Austrian Alps in the background, the text below in stylised letters. 

Keywords: 1958 | Alps | Berann | Brochure | Innsbruck | Tyrol

Title: “Innsbruck, Tyrol”

Creator: Cover signed by Berann

Published : Verkehrsverein Innsbrück-Igls und Umgebung, Austria, 1958

Language: German/English/French/Spanish/Italian

Ref / Date: TE-AU-1958-A / 2013