Salzburg - Hotel Pitter

History of the Hotel pitter in salzburg

The Pitter hotel is a classic 19th century style hotel of Sazlburg now known as Crowne Plaza Salzburg – The Pitter. It is located in the center of Salzburg close to the Cathedral on the Domplatz, the Mirabell Palace and the Congress Hall. Built between 1885 and 1888 by Karl and Babette Pietter, it was bought back by Joseph Reitter Pitter in 1918 who transformed the hotel who was at that time the greatest of Salzburg. The hotel still exists as Imlauer Hotel Pitter Salzburg.

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About this hotel pitter postcard

This Hotel Pitter promotional postcard was designed by the workfshop of H.C.Berann. The signature can be seen on the picture at the right bottom part of the illustration.

Keywords : 1940s | 1950s | Berann | Hotel | Label | Postcard | Salzburg (Common)

Title: “Hotel Pitter Salzburg”

Creator: Workshop of H.C.Berann

Published : N/A

Language: N/A

Ref / Date: A-A-1950s-A / 2013

Hotel Pitter, Salzburg, Label
Hotel Pitter, Salzburg, Label

About this hotel pitter label…

This Hotel Pitter label was designed in art deco style, maybe in the years 1940s.

Title: “Hotel Pitter Salzburg, Haus ersten ranges”

Creator: N/A

Ref / Date: TLH-A-1940s-D / 2015

… or this one

This Hotel Pitter label seems more modern than the other one (for the design, not the typeface).

Title: “Hotel Pitter Salzburg Austria”

Creator: N/A

Ref / Date: TLH-A-1950s-A / 2012