Allgauer Alpen Kleines Walserstal

Allgäu Alps

The Allgäu Alps, in German Allgäuer Alpen, are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps that lies directly east of Lake Constance, shared between Germany (Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg) and Austria (Tyrol & Vorarlberg) in Austria. The Kleine Walserstal valley is part of the subgroup of the Southeastern Walsertal Mountains (Südöstliche Walsertaler Berge).

About this kleiner walserstal brochure

This 20×21 cm 12 pages brochure has been released to promote the region of Kleines Walserstal in the Allgäu Alps.

Keywords: 1938 | Alps | Berann | Brochure

Title: “Allgauer Alpen / Kleines Walsertal 1100-1250 m”

Creator: Cover signed by Berann

Published : Verkehramt Kleinwalsertal, 1938

Language: German

Ref / Date: TE-AU-1938-A / 2013