Scotland by British Railways
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The four scotlands

“Scotland is compact and varied with much magnificent scenery within a small space. (…) It is as well to bear in mind that there are, from the holidaymaker’s point of view, at least four Scotlands”: the Borders, the East Coast, the Clyde Coasts… “and last there are the Highlands, the wild and beautiful Highlands whose scenery is unsurpassed anywhere.”

About this British Railways brochure on scotland

12 pages brochure published by British Railways to promote the tourism in Scotland. 20,3 x 22,6 cm but folded, 10,3 x 22,6 cm.

Title: “Scotland”

Creator: Illustration principale: Kenneth Steel

Published : The Munro Press, Perth, 1958

Language: English

Ref / Date: TE-GB-1958-A / 2012