Croatian Lines Susak

Jadranska Plovdibda, Susak

Published in Zagreb in 1936 in German, this timetable presents the lines of Jadranska Plovdibda D.D.Susak, a shipping company which operates in the Adriatic Sea from Susak to various destinations including Venice and Trieste in Italy and a lot of small harbours on the Croatian coast. Susak is a small island on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea and a very popular tourist destination.

About this timetable of a Croation shipping company

This 14 pages brochure (15,4 x 22 cm) of the ferry company Jadranska Plovidba from Susak is illustrated by a Art deco style image signed by the Graz born artist Hans Wagula.

Title: “Jadranska Plovdibda D.D.Susak”

Creator: Hans Wagula (?-1964)

Published : Jugoslovenska Stampa D.D. Zagreb, 1936

Language: German

Ref / Date: TE-Y-1936-A / ?