Air France Réseau Méditerranéen

air France & Mediterranean sea

Air France is the French flag carrier. It was formed in October 1933 from the merger of several small French airlines (Aéropostale, Air Orient, Air Union among others). At that time, the network was quite extensive across Europe, to French colonies in North Africa, which explains the strong commercial position of Air France in the Mediterranean Sea (during the WW2, Air France moved its operations to Casablanca, Morocco).

Air France in North Africa
Air France Mediterranean Network Map
Air France lines above Italy
Air France lines in the Near East

About this Air France brochure

Gorgeous Air France 22  x 53 cm 4 pages brochure illustrated by a pictorial map was designed by Lucien Boucher, the French artist known for his creative world maps for Air France. Red lines showing Air France Routes to Spain, Italy, Greece, North Africa and Near East.

Title: “Air France Réseau Méditerranéen”

Creator: Lucien Boucher

Published : Perceval, Paris, 1930s

Language: French

Ref / Date: AF-B-1930s-A / 2013

Link : David Rumsey Historical Map Collection