Canada by Air France
South America by Air France

Air France American lines

In 1946, the Paris-New-York line was inaugurated and progressively regained its position on transatlantic flights: USA of course but Canada, Mexico and South America too. Air France operated a fleet of 130 aircraft and got off to a flying start over the next few years. The 1950s was the golden age of civil aviation. The Air France luxury services were famous offering to customers Champagne and hot meals as early as mid 1949.

About this Air France postcard

Air France 14 x 9 cm postcard from the 1950’s. It is the reproduction of a poster by Jean Doré in 1951 to do the promotion of the Canadian lines of Air France..

Title: “Canada Air France”

Creator: Jean Doré

Publisher: Hubert Baille & Cie, Imp. Georges Lang, Paris, 1951

Ref / Date: AF-CPA-1951-A / 2013

About this other Air France postcard

A stylised Air France poster to promote South Americain lines designed by the Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely in 1946. Vasarely is not considered as a poster designer but a specialist of Op-Art.

Title: “Air France Amérique du Sud”

Creator: Victor Vasarely

Publisher: Perceval,  Alépée & Cie, Paris, 1948

Ref / Date: AF-CPA-1948-A / 2013