Far East by Air France

Oriental lines

1950s was the golden age of propeller-driven aviation. Breguet, Viscount and Lockheed Constellation renewed the Air France fleet.
Air France was never a real specialist of Far East lines but had strong positions linked to routes towards the French empire in South-East Asia.

About this Air France postcard

Air France 9×14 cm postcard from the 1950’s showing colorful Bird of Paradise flying above oriental landscape with pagod. It is the reproduction of a poster by Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) in 1946 to do the promotion of the Asian lines of Air France.

Title: “Air France Orient Extrême Orient”

Creator: Lucien Boucher

Published : Perceval, Alépée & Cie, Paris, 1950

Ref / Date: AF-CPA-1950-B / 2013