Murcie - Hotel Victoria


Murcia is an important city of the South East Spain. It was founded by the emir of Cordoba in 825 and is well known for its Cathedral, its baroque buildings, its university and… the Holy Week processions. It has a long tradition as a fruits, vegetables and flowers producer.

About this Victoria Hotel label

This hotel label was published by the hotel Reina Victoria. In fact it’s more a small travel brochure of 3 folded pages of 8,2 x 13,4 cm presenting some pictures of this first class hotel that does not exist anymore.

Keywords: 1941 | Hotel | Label

Title: “Murcia Spain Hotel Victoria”

Creator: The illusration is signed by Garay

Published : Grafica Manen, Barcelona, 1941

Language: Spanish

Ref / Date: TLH-E-?-E / 2013